Matterhorn Truffle Menu

You may select from this menu the truffles you wish to have in your gift box (sizes available: 1, 2, 4, 6, 12, 18, 24 or 48 pcs.) .

Please take note: 6pc. box - $13.50 / 12pc. box - $24.95 / 18pc. box - $35.95 / 24pc. box - $45.95 / 48pc. box - $87.95. - also indicate your choice in the message box; individual truffles are sold loose in a bag for $1.95.

Our prize winning fresh cream truffles are hand-made in the old Swiss tradition of chocolate making and only the finest and most expensive ingredients are blended together using absolutely no chemicals, additives or preservatives. All our dark chocolate truffles are made with 70% cocoa.

Gift Box of Truffles
Almond Pralines
Amaretto Truffle
Apricot Truffle
Black Forest Truffle
Cappuccino Truffle
Champagne Truffle
Chili Truffle
Cinnamon Bun Truffle
Cognac Truffle
Cookie Crumble Truffle
Dark Caramel Truffle
Dark Chocolate Truffle
Ginger Truffle
Grand Marnier Truffle