Virtual Chocolate Tasting

The Chocolate Messenger is now offering a virtual chocolate tasting experience! 
Each individual member of your group will receive a chocolate tasting kit in the mail prior to the scheduled chocolate tasting.  
A meeting link will be sent out to your group in order to conduct the session via video conferencing.
The virtual chocolate tasting experience will consist of 3 parts:
1) A review of the growing and harvesting of cocoa tree and cocoa pod
2) A discussion of the production and manufacturing of chocolate itself 
3) The tasting of 4 different types of chocolate where we will use all 5 of our senses to complete an immersive experience
Book a virtual chocolate tasting today for an educational experience of learning about the process of going from 'bean to bar' with the addition of a delicious treat to deepen your appreciation for chocolate! 
**Min 1-1.5 weeks notice.
Contact us today for a quote!