If you have a wedding coming up anytime soon, or if you have a friend’s wedding coming up, customized chocolates are the way to go. We do the customization of wedding chocolates in Toronto, and this customization is done in a number of ways.

First, the size is customized to exactly what you have in mind. If you request tiny bars that you want to be placed at each and every table, we can make tiny sizes. If you prefer a bigger chocolate bar that will be cut and distributed among all the guests, we are happy to make that as well.

You may want the chocolate bars to be covered in aluminum foil, or even be heart-shaped, or you might even want hollow chocolate truffles. All that you are required to do is inform us the design that you prefer.

Another property that we can customize is the flavour of the chocolate. Maybe a milk flavoured chocolate does it for you, or maybe you are more of a rum flavoured fan, or maybe your significant other is crazy for caramel and you want to impress. Either way, we got your back.

We customize wedding chocolates in several designs, and they include:

  • Bride and Groom Cake Topper
  • Chocolate Covered Bride and Groom Strawberries
  • Heart-Shaped Chocolate Box
  • Chocolate Covered Fortune Cookies

Lastly, we can provide you with weddings cakes that are made with all-natural, organic and fair trade ingredients. Our food products do not contain harmful elements such as dyes and chemical-laden preservatives. When it comes to decorations, our products feature only fresh fruit and flower decorations.

Chocolates not only preach love, they are fun as well. Your wedding will be made livelier if it includes chocolates in any form, and this is why we offer chocolate customization services. You can make an order for either your wedding or your friend’s or relative’s wedding. Make sure you specify the wedding date so that we deliver in time.

Let us make your wedding livelier and lovelier with customized wedding chocolates at Chocolate Messenger in Toronto.

Please phone or email us for a quote and customs orders.