Crepes/Drink Menu

 Looking for a Crepe Restaurant in Toronto? Come in and enjoy our delicious crepes and hot drinks made to order.

At The Chocolate Messenger in Toronto, our creperies offer decadent dessert savory crepes, we strive to make our crepes well beyond the typical French street foods.

Our number one mission is to put our customers’ interests first by ensuring that our menu suits each customer’s need based on their culture and geographic preferences. Our eye-catching colour scheme at The Chocolate Messenger is well recognized, as a place to eat crepes and get the best chocolate in Toronto and visual enjoyment comes along for a unique experience.

The crepes at Chocolate Messenger are made of sweet and savory ingredients from a variety of, dairy products, meat and fruits. We guarantee freshness from the beginning to the end, and you can eat your crepe, hot or cold. We also offer take-away as well as dine-in services. The extensive list of sweet and savory options at Chocolate Messenger will reward you with a tasty addition to the authentic French crepes.

Available for sit down or take out. Wifi available. 

Below is our menu:

Sweet Crepes $4.95

Chocolate crepe -  Get yourself a chocolate crepe at a good price. The sweet crepes can be served as desert and also for breakfast; definitely a sweet way to kick off your day. For chocolate-loving customers, this will be a delicious treat!

Lemon juice crepes - This crepe, apart from being taken as breakfast, it is also served as a snack or for dessert at lunch time. 

Maple syrup crepe - Crepes that are layered and rolled with maple syrup makes an indulgent breakfast and dessert.

Raspberry jam - Raspberry jam filled crepes are a delicious meal for the entire family. The texture and flavour is also great.

Cinnamon & sugar crepes - This is the way to go for the health-conscious people. Cinnamon is known for its health benefits and it is definitely a spice that makes our crepes really tasty.

1 Topping Crepes $7.50

2 Topping Crepes $8.95

3 Topping Crepes $9.95


Toffee Bits
Ice Cream
Grand Marnier



Savoury Crepes $7.95

Savory Crepes - (Ham & cheese, Mushrooms & cheese, Smoked salmon & cream cheese)- if you don’t like sweet, it’s all about the delicious savory crepes filled with various cheese, and meat mixtures. Our crepes are big enough to fill the stomach. You can as well choose your preferred drink from our various both hot and cold drinks. Try out this cafe, eat in or take out!

Ham & cheese
Mushrooms & cheese
Smoked salmon & cream cheese


- Coffee $1.30
- Espresso $2.40

  Tea $1.30
- Earl Grey
- Green Tea
- Orange Pekoe
- Chai Tea

  Hot Chocolate $3.75
- Spicy
- Regular

  - Water $1.30
- Perrier $2.20
- Pop $1.30